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Jellyfish, Moon (Aurelia aurita)

Jellyfish, Moon
Jellyfish, Moon

This jellyfish can range from 5cm to 40 cm and can be recognised by the transparent, umbrella-shaped bell edge with short hair-like tentacles.

It also had four pink or purple coloured rings in the centre. Its mouth is on the underside as are four short, frilled arms which can deliver a mild sting.

Its appearance has earned this jellyfish its alternative name of  'saucer jellyfish' as it looks like a UFO.

Fun Facts...

These jellies pulsate to move and often swim upright so their tentacles cover as great an area as possible to catch their prey!


Found in-shore in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.


Found mainly near the coast in warm tropical waters but have been known to stand sea temperatures as low as −6 degrees!

Carnivorous, feeding on zooplankton.

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Jellyfish, Upside down (Cassiopea sp.)

Jellyfish, Upside down
Jellyfish, Upside down

This jellyfish can be identified, as its name suggests, by it being found swimming or resting on the sea-bed upside down. The bell (which can reach up to 30cm) points downwards and its eight large branching arms and mouth are held upwards. It is brown, olive or creamy white in colour which is due to the algae that lives in its arms.

Fun Facts...

Unlike most jellyfish, this species is seldom seen swimming. Most divers who come across it on the sea floor, mistake it for a dying jellyfish, when it is actually soaking up sun and feeding.


Can be found in the tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.


Found at depths of up to 10metres usually around tropical coastal mangroves.

Has zooxanthellae in its tentacles which photosynthesise but also feeds on planktonic animals.

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