Aquarist Keeper...

Hours: Up to 37.5 hours over 5 days, including weekends.

Wage: £7.50 aged 25+, £7.05 aged 21-24, £5.60 aged 18-20, £4.05 aged 16-17

Duration: until 1st Nov 2018

Description: The role of an Aquarist is varying and challenging, they are responsible for the day to day care and husbandry of our displays including feeding, daily maintenance and health checks.

Our Aquarists are also responsible for delivering an Education programme to our School groups and producing a high standard of presentations, talks and feeds for our guests. In order to achieve an entertaining experience, excellent communication skills and presentation skills are necessary.

The Aquarist role is both a customer service role and also requires behind the scene work as well. This includes monitoring of water qualities, record keeping, house keeping and ensuring stock levels and orders are complete.

To fulfil the role of Aquarist, you will need to work well in a team environment and be able to follow and adhere to Policies and Procedures.

Previous experience is required in Aquariums and Zoological Industry.

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