Aquatic Displays Work Experience...

Hours: Work Experience is available on a part time or full time basis, up to a maximum of 4 weeks / 20 placement days. PLEASE NOTE: We get fully booked a long way in advance, when filling in your application make sure you let us know of any dates you are available.

Description: The Displays department covers the fish and phobia sections within the Aquarium.

Work experience within the Displays department will allow you to assist in the day to day running of a public Aquarium and will give you insight what it is like to work with a variety of fish and selected terrestrial species. As well as maintaining the high standards of exhibits required, the Displays department also carries out education talks, demonstrations and guided tours of the centre for the guests.

If you have an interest in the demanding role of an Aquarist this placement could be very interesting for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Work experience placements give a glimpse into a role type and will allow you to shadow various job roles within a department, but they do not include full training or qualifications. If you are looking for a more in depth experience with training and hands on opportunities, please email us for more information about available Internship.

To submit your application, please apply online.

To submit your application for this role, please Apply Online